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What’s so great about Liberty Woods?

Liberty Woods offers you the benefits of ownership in a community environment where you can begin to enjoy living life without the hassle and expense of living alone in a house, condo, or apartment. Liberty Woods is located in Spring Lake, Michigan near Grand Haven, one of West Michigan’s finest waterfront communities where sunset walks along the beaches are a normal part of life.

Liberty Woods Retirement Community  is a limited equity, non-profit corporation owned by and operated for the benefit of its members. Whether Married or Single, Liberty Woods members enjoy independent living in a community environment  where neighbors become friends. So whether you’re native to West Michigan or thinking about relocating, Liberty Woods is more than just a place to live; it’s your home.                  Address: 201 Dewitt Lane  Spring Lake, MI 49456    Phone: 800-375-1938




"Location – location – location. Close enough to Grand Rapids or the beaches, state and county parks, bike trails of the area, or the tourist attractions of Grand Haven. Close to grocery stores, malls, libraries, museums, doctors’ offices and hospitals."

Margaret B.